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The discourses and practices of Qatari foreign aid to developing countries

Project Description

This project aims to explore Qatari foreign aid discourse and practices to understand its motivations. The findings provide a more reliable standard to measure the effectiveness of Qatari foreign aid from Qatar’s point of view, as well as enhance understanding about foreign aid from non-traditional donor countries, especially in the Arab Gulf region.

To achieve the goal of understanding Qatari foreign aid, this project aims at the following objectives: to understand the government policies regarding Qatari foreign aid; to recognize the motivations determining Qatari foreign aid; to identify various kinds of projects to construct a classification of Qatari foreign aid with special emphasis on the determinants and targeted goals; and to outline an evaluation schema to measure the effectiveness of Qatari foreign aid. This study adopts a mixed-method approach, involving archival research, content analysis, interviewing key actors, and public opinion survey.


Hasan Mahmud


Qatar National Research Fund - Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP 19-229-5-050)